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Laminated Washi Panels for COVID-19 Protection

Posted on Aug 30, 2020 in Commercial

If you are searching for room dividers that go beyond the utilitarian shower curtain dividers that are popping up in hair salons, retail stores, and restaurants, then take a look at Washi room dividers. Washi’s delicate patterns will enhance any environment. Washi that is hanging from a ceiling or walls will provide a barrier that creates a soft, tranquil space. It can be Class A fire retardant to meet building department/insurance requirements and custom designed to align with an existing interior.

While many businesses are placing permanent barriers to ensure customer safety, it may be more practical to invest in an option that offers flexibility. Washi movable partitions are ideal for controlling customer flow, especially in smaller spaces. Washi movable partitions can be used to accommodate the varying numbers of clients throughout your business hours. The movable partitions can be positioned according to need and provide protection that is functional as well as eye-catching.